Platform B - GET INVOLVED - NoVEMBER 2017

Platform B is going to be permanently based at the Green Door Store from January 2017. There is a platform / open top radio studio being built in the bar area over the next few weeks. We hope to run a few broadcasts from there before the end of the year but the plan is to officially launch on 7th January 2017 (with a joint celebration as it's Green Door's 6th Birthday). We will run live broadcasts from midday until 4pm (with some evenings as well) at least 5 - 6 days a week. We will also be running pop up broadcasts from various parts of the city as planned too. 

Apart from submissions for radio shows - we are looking for people to get involved in other aspects of Platform B. Please bear in mind that the age demographic is 16 to 25 yr olds so we are looking for volunteers of a similar age but there is a slight bit of flexibility with this . If in doubt, please feel free to drop us a line to chat further. 

Our main output will initially be music based and we will broaden it out (there is already a politics show being piloted) but we hope to include spoken word, comedy, poetry, art, fashion, films, gaming etc in the coming months.  The idea is not to re-create the formal infrastructure of a traditional local or community radio broadcast centre or to be the next Radio 1 or Capital (although I can imagine that some of you will play some artists that are quite mainstream which is totally cool). We want Platform B to have it’s own identity and to be authentic. It has to speak to a younger generation that are not engaging with traditional radio as it feels disconnected from their experiences and aspirations.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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